We have some samples of the vocal stylings of Joe Rossi for you to download and share. Don't hog the fun, have your friends listen!

Online ordering is coming soon. For now, if you would like to buy Try, Joe Rossi's first CD, call 212.726.2694 or email orders@joerossi.net.

Right-Click the link and choose "Save Link As" to download the song to your hard drive or just click it to play

Bridge Over Troubled Water
[here] - 4m 17s @ ~3mg

[here] - 4m 29s @ ~3mg

If You Love Me, Please Don't Feed Me
[here] - 2m 9s @ ~1.5mg

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
[here] - 2m 21s @ ~1.5mg

23 Sept 2004
Performances coming in November! See our Upcoming Shows page.

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